Untitled Lyrics.

You told me you love me, I never listened.
We’re worlds apart. We couldn’t be together.
I want to be with you but I have to step out.
This love might be sweet but, baby, it couldn’t be us…
Stop looking at me like that.
Stop smiling at me like that.
Stop hanging around with me.
You better stop loving me.
I’m not the one for you.
Oh, baby, I hate it but it’s true.
You better stop loving me before I start falling for you…
I told you to go, but you stayed by my side.
Don’t make this hard for me, I have to say good-bye.
But now I think it’s too late because I realized…
I’m falling in love with you…
I’m falling hopelessly in love with you…
Jedric‘s song for Pearl
(SCU: Pearl, The Sweetheart)

Hey, I wrote that lyrics. Can I be a lyricist? Nah, I think I won’t be a good one. Forget about it. I only had managed to write that one because I was inspired by Pearl’s undying love for Jedric. Wala pang isang week na nare-release itong book na ito pero marami na akong natanggap na good comments about this novel. The truth is, I really like this novel also. I wish I have the guts like Pearl’s. She had managed to tell her feelings to the person she loved and do everything she could to win his love. If only I had her guts, sana kami na ni Rafael Rosell ngayon. Joke. Kidding aside, meron talagang mga katulad ni Pearl. At saludo ako sa kanila. Nagtagumpay man sila o hindi na mapaibig ang lalaking mahal nila, I’d still want to give it to them because I can hardly do what they can do. Cheers! Ang tatapang ng apog nyo! Joke. Elibs ako sa inyo.:)

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