Temporary High.

 I remember my first ride on a Ferris Wheel. I was shaking and my heart was thumping wildly against my chest and my intestines were growling like there’s monster inside. I am afraid of heights. I remember then, all I did was to close my eyes and hugged my companion. Since then, I never rode a Ferris Wheel again. I was a kid then. And now when I came across this photo, I feel like I want to try riding a Ferris Wheel again.

London Eye, tallest Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere. Wowowowowow! I want to ride this freaking wheel! I want to go to London and I’m gonna freaking ride this! I’m freaking going there!!! Iyon ay kung may pamasahe ako papuntang London. Magkano ba papuntang UK? Plane tickets + Visa fee + Hotel accomodations fee + Pocket money = Murder. Freaking shitznitz, dun na lang ako sa tsubibo sa perya sasakay.

If you read my novels, I’m sure you know I included “riding a Ferris wheel” scenes in some of ’em. I find it romantic kasi, you know, picturing a couple riding there smiling, talking, holding hands, looking up the sky with a lot of stars and trying to reach them as if you could… then you would both laugh loudly like idiots. Yes, that’s just so romantic… for normal people… meaning, I am out of it. LOL. I mean, for people who are not afraid of heights. I consider them normal.

So, if you’re a normal person, don’t waste your chance to ride a Ferris wheel with your loved one. That’s romantic. Promise. Kahit di ko pa nararanasan 🙂

Any comments?

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