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Yesterday, I ransacked my trash bags (Ones containing all my abubots in high school to college i. e. scrapbooks, old pictures, reviewers, leakage (opps that isn’t mine, a classmate must’ve had me kept it), diaries, high school slambooks, etc…) So, we stopped at slambooks. And as much as I enjoyed laughing my head off while reading my cheesy old diaries, I also enjoyed every page of my old slambooks.

Okay, I was a kid then. As a teen, I loved signing slambooks. That was a thirst. That excited me a lot. Answering it was like sharing myself to others. Making them known I am cool. But as I read my pages now, I nearly puked.


Love is blind? Time is Gold? FREAKING PEDROS? Oh, gawd. What a downer.

But hey, I was just a kid! A kid, all right? Then I thought, what about if I fill up a page now, how would it be, how would it feel like answering slambooks questions no? Then I came up with this cheesy deed—signing a high school slambook at twenty-bleep. Cool, eh? Ok, here I go. Just don’t puke on my blog ok?

NAME: Irene
NICK NAME(S): Ayi, Leng, Rhine, Heart
BIRTHDAY: March 28, 198*
HOBBIES: molesting korean/japanese hotties, eating, putting my fantasies to paper, eating, daydreaming, singing in the bathroom, eating, dancing with my two left foot, watching cheesy teen or chick flicks or asian series, eating, bamboozling *haha, internet, eating, making websites (which I haven’t done for quite a while now due to my busy-busyhan sched), and did I mention eating?

FAVORITEs —————————-

FOODS: fried chicken, pork sinigang and bicol express. chinese foods are the best. I love any kind of pancit!

MUSIC: Slow rock, emo, alternative, punk pop, some ballads, some reggae, old songs, pop, dance, K-pop, J-pop and a few chinese songs.

SINGERS: The beatles, parokya ni edgar, eraserheads, yael of sponge cola, josie and the pussycats

CARTOON CHARACTER: Kerrokerrokerropi

MOVIE IDOLS: josh harnett and rachel leigh cook

TV PROGRAMS: I don’t watch TV! haha

SPORTS: I hate sports. I can’t even hold a ball. wahaha…

COLOR: pink, blue and green.

BOOK: I don’t read either. haha. I wonder if I’m still human.

AUTHOR: Heart Yngrid and Irene Lee wahahaha….

MOTTO: If others can, why can’t I… be like them? hahaha… Nah. I don’t have a particular motto in life, I live my life recklessly I barely need those words of wisdom to guide me…. whapak!

AMBITION: To marry a multimillionaire. Quite an ambition huh.

HANG-OUT: bed. in front of my laptop. I am not gimickera. I’d rather talk to my fish than go and shell out money drinking or dancing in bars or anywhere. I am not KJ. I am just kuripot hehe.

BESTFRIENDS: P-Gie, Jackielyn, Ruby, Karen, Romi and Jose.


DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Which? I have multiple personalities. So which of them? hehe. I can be very nice but I can be very bitchy too. I am a ROYAL SNOB by default but when I’m in the mood to socialize, I’m friendly and very chatty. I do not trust people easily and do not make friends easily but once I become your friend, you are one lucky biotch because Im a very thoughtful friend. I am paranoid. I always play cool but when I start to worry, I worry a lot! I am not intelligent. I am just creative and a sensible thinker (even if most of the times, I am senseless). I am a perfectionist and this made my life stressful. I am easily pissed. I am not easily pleased. I hate getting serious. I’m a fan of comedy. And I am afraid that if write everything about my multifaceted personality, I might not stop writing^_^

WHAT IS LOVE? I hate this question because until now I couldn’t find the perfect words to descibe what this word is really all about. But just to try answering, maybe I’d put it to analogy… Love is like a piece of a picture puzzle. A picture puzzle wouldn’t be solved and completed if one piece is missing. Thus, people need Love to make their lives complete. Love makes a person’s life complete.

WHO IS YOUR FIRST LOVE? I can’t mention a name but I met him during high school and now he’s history.

WHO IS YOUR CRUSH? Too many korean hotties to mention. haha…


WHEN & WHERE DID YOU MEET? None of your freaking business.


A man who could be a lover, a bestfriend, a hero and a clown hihi.

WHO WAS YOUR FIRST KISS? This shouldn’t be published online.

HAPPIEST MOMENT: Whenever I finish a novel

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: My numerous slip ups!

YOUR GREATEST WISH: I wish my secret wishes would come true. hihihi.


I am not really good in answering questions, see I messed up my slambook? haha. I doubt kung uso pa rin ang slambooks pero ang masasabi ko— masarap pa ring sumagot sa slambooks kahit di na bagay sa edad ko hahaha.

Any comments?

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