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Lately, been busy with my laziness. So that includes laziness to blog. Well, it’s not as if I blog everyday (just don’t believe what the subtitle header says). Anyway, here’s some of the stuffs (mostly nonsense) I did for the past weeks in random order…

1. I watched Easy A with a date. A date. A date. A date. Okay, I dont want to elaborate this one. But the movie is good by the way.
2. I went to EK with writer friends. Had fun! I want to go back there again and ride the Rio Grande and Flying Fiesta. Space Shuttle, you suck! I will hate you forever as long as I live.
3. My book SCU: Campus Girl Bunny, The Charming Barista came out of the market finally and I receive good feedbacks. The truth was I was kinda worried I gain haters because of this due to loveteam wars but what the heck, I wanted to write it.
4. I met a cute cab driver who seemed to want to hook up with me. But I had something better to do, like watch The Amazing Race previous seasons marathon.
5. I get so hooked on The Amazing Race. (Just today, the doctors Nat & Kat won. Congrats to them) I sure will be watching the seasons ahead.
6. I am reading Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. I was surprised with myself. I haven’t read a book for like ages. Now, I’m reading a book again. I am slowly turning back to being human again. Congrats to myself.
7. I had fun at my nephew & niece’s birthday party at the Storyland wherein I rode the roller coaster for like 5 times! i enjoyed the bump car too which I never enjoyed the first time I tried. I can drive it now. I feel as if I can drive a real car afterwards!
8. I changed my template. I lost my friend’s blog links with this new skin, I’m sorry…
*I have a lot to tell but not to you, but to myself ONLY. Some things are unpublishable, you know.

Things I want to do (mostly nonsense):

1. Get a rebond. Come on my hair is a mess! I have always wanted to get my hair treated but I was worried I might get bald coz my hair is brittle.
2. I desperately want to get a tattoo!
3. I want to go to Sagada or Bohol. And I will with writer friends. Hope it’ll be soon.
4. I want a new Korean guy hottie please.

I am so lazy………… I would probably doze off while blogging so any moment I might stop typing because

2 thoughts on “Random Nonsense

  1. Nice theme Ayi-san LOL. One day when I have time maybe I can make a Blogger theme for you as a gift LOL. I started off building blogs with Blogger after all, but that was like… back in the late 90s LOL.

    Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors. Her Shopaholic series was just hilarious (I didn't see the movie version of Confessions of a Shopaholic though and I don't want to, it's set in NYC instead of the original London =T). Check out "Can You Keep a Secret" too, as well as her earlier books (under her real name, Madeleine Wickham).

    An early Merry Christmas to you, looks like next year ko pa mare-receive yung novel mo, but I can wait. (^_^)

  2. wah really? thanks! I like themes like this one. basta paper ang gusto kong theme. Yes I will definitely check out kinsella's other books! I liked Remember Me so much! Kahit may ilang loopholes & weak points sa latter parts okay lang, love ko pa rin ang story at si Jon!

    Merry Christmas to you too and to your whole family!

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