Midnight Party.

Last month, I think July 30th, I was rushing to finish a novel. Sabi ko, ipapasa ko na sa Monday! That was I think Saturday. I had to supply 11,000 my 29,000-word novel. That Saturday morning, I was all set to do my work hanggang sa gumagapang na ako hindi ako titigil hanggat hindi ko natatapos ang 11k!!!. But when I woke up that day, I received a text from our editor in chief. Sama daw ako sa thanksgiving party ng Midnight Phantom.

Huwatt?? Midnight Phantom? Si Rafael Rosell!? Ohmygod. Napabangon ako bigla sa kama. Paano na ang manuscript ko? Okay, so you could imagine the dilemma I went through that moment. I was torn between money and Rafael’s abs. That was torture. And to add up to my worriment, I had a huge pimple on my cheek. For several minutes, nakatanga lang ako. Weighing kung ano ang mas matimbang. Pera ba o abs? 

After a long thought, I’d decided to dump my manuscript for Rafael. I had to rush to my derma that day to get a pimple injection. It shrunk the freaking pimple after a few hours, thank God. So, ayun. Tumuloy ako sa parlorista at nagpa-manicure-pedicure. After a few hours uli, I was in the office na. It just so happenned na si Sofia (also a writer) and our editor in chief were crushing on Rafael also. So, parang Magkaribal + 1 ang drama naming tatlo. Buti na lang hindi nakisali si Sir (haha!), kundi baka hindi na Magkaribal ang drama namin ng gabing iyon. Baka World War III na.

When we reached White Avenue at Tomas Morato, owver excited kami. And so he had arrived. Medyo na-distract ako sa suot niyang polo. Sana wala na lang siyang suot. Joke! Needless to say, Rafael is so guwapo. And he was also very nice.

I also met JM de Guzman who was really, really cute and had that very charming smile. Perhaps the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. Swear! Boss said he’s going to play the role of Nathaniel in Kristine. Denise Laurel was prettier in person than on TV. Nakilala ko din si kuwelang Jommy Teotico (He played as Peter’s cousin in my Love Me Again also). And Inah Raymundo was so pretty and preggy!

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