Meet Ayi

Hi, I’m Ayi. There’s nothing much to tell about me. I’m just a girl. That’s all I have to say about myself.

Okay, before you hit the X sign of your browser and curse me for being intolerably nonsense, let me tell you I was just kidding. I am not just a girl. I am a super girl. I wish to be included in Justice League in my next life. Oh, anyway, this might appear unbelievable but I am a writer. A romance author, to be exact. I like drawing stories since I was a kid. 

Yes, I am a romance writer. Whenever I write, I believe in everything incredible. Like “love at first sight”, “forever love”, “Happily ever after” and all those freaking stuff romance novels feed hopeless romantic readers. Tsk tsk. I am just doing my job, sorry guys… Well, I do not believe in any of those stuff I tell you.

Perhaps because I am 3/4-misandrist? (1/4 manizer!) Or maybe because I am philophobic sometimes? I dunno. Okay, enough of talks about love. I am so freaking used to it. I write about it every freaking day!

I dunno why I’m so childish. Maybe because I do not have memories of my childhood. I had childhood amnesia. Perhaps the reason why I haven’t still outgrown being a child. And I love being a child.

I’m not a big deal, at all. I am very simple. Eventhough I am semi-famous, I remain very simple. And even if I became very famous, I’ll still remain humble, promise 🙂 So, please make me very famous by buying my books. LOL. I don’t really like being famous anyway. I only want to be verrrry rich 😀

I am a self-confessed weirdo. Sometimes I wonder if I am even normal? LOL. Okay, Don’t hit that X above yet. I am absolutely not a psycho. I only like to act like one whenever I want to scare people. So, don’t be scared of me, at least for now.:-)

I want to tell you everything about me, but I am too lazy to write some more. Check out my blog entries to get to know me more… (my nonsense entries) Yada!


Any comments?

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