Dealing With LOVE—The Ayi Style

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I’d been a Teentalker since I discovered the Candymag site. I think that was 2001 or 2002. i’d been an active poster-cum-pester(hehe, I was a forum-pest, i dissed and dissed and I didn’t care but not all the time naman) esp. during the first few months and also during the meteor garden days. I stopped posting when i get busy. i tried to come back several times but everytime i did, my username & password always get rejected. it seemed that every year ata they erase the whole board then they’ll create a new board and members would have to register again.

I just tried joining again when i read about the teen blog awards but i don’t post quite often just like how i used to then, until this day. can’t sleep. got nothing to do. i just finished making my new lay-out for this blog and i decided to go visit teentalk and well, reach out to my fellow-teens wahaha… spoilsport. so i opened the browser and scrolled and hmmm… stopped to this category called LOVELIFE. haha. hmmm… quite interesting, soopah-doopah interesting. as in wohooo interesting to the mega-giga max!!! weehehe. jan na pumapasok c heart yngrid, the romance paperbackwritah!
I encountered several topics. teens clueless/curious about love thingamajigs. as if an expert, i joined their discussions and gave my love insights(feeling love-genius iwwww….), pieces of advice and well, share some personal experiences(I opened my old, musty love vault *sneezes). I felt kinda refreshed sharing and chitchatting yet at the same time, sad coz by joining their discussions, I realized whatta sorry soul i’d been for the past few years of avoiding relationships and keeping in mind that guys are all jerk-offs and will just make a box of tissue paper useful for my overflowing tears and mucus hehe…

Freaking Love and it’s Freakiness Ever.

Ah, love, guys… it’s my forte, I mean, it’s my forte being a dumpee all the time. wahahaha! i dunno why, maybe I’m just too silly, or maybe I was just too unfortunate meeting guys with the same freaking faces all the time. and soon i felt so burn out of loving. which led me to my present situation— alone.

well, being alone isn’t really sad at all. i have time for myself. i don’t need to think about someone. less-gastos, no-hassles. I don’t have to suspect my bf having a secret affair with someone and soon I’ll be charging that to experience all over again coz the outcome would still be me being dumped. again. wawa. haha.

pero ganun talaga. being dumped doesnt mean, you’re ugly, you’re worthless, you’re good for nothing, you don’t deserve the person. its just that some things are really not meant to be. it’s just so sad that i always seemed to be the last person to realize that me and him/or him/or him were just really not meant to be.
Love is like a game of trial and error. a time span of a relationship is the trial period. when it ends, it means, you erred. sometimes we need to try and try (thus, the motto–try and try until u succeed) but as for my case, and thousands of people out there, we used to end up erring.

kaya ayun, i got pissed off falling in love. so I kind of shielded myself from falling all over again. so I could spare myself from repeating my love mishaps history. that’s the reason why I am alone for years now.

Papables are Endangered Spieces.
kaya lang hello? I’m twenty-something. maybe now I should get myself a boyfriend again. yoko kaya maging dalagang lola. its UMPAIR! haha.. kaya lang… hirap na kaya humanap ng lalaking matino in this generation, where casual sex is like a fashion trend and cheating is a man’s proof of manhood. this world is so full of bunch of cheaters, they’re rapidly growing in number like gremlins. pano pa ko makakahanap ng bf na hindi chauvinist-slash-playboy-slash-jerk-slash-hayup. haha…

lets analyze it in figures: kung 80% ng lalaki, cheaters… 20% let’s say na matino. pero sa 20% na un, 7% bading, 5.5% married na, 0.5% pari, 6% pangit. 1% na lang ang available na jowa-material! biruin mo un? wtf?! hahaha… ayoko na!!! SOMEBODY STOP ME.

oh well, since i have a passport already, i’ll just go fly to korea. baka kc wala d2 sa pinas ang “mr. right” ko. baka kasi slit-eyed talaga ang “kapalaran” ko. wahahahaha.. SHUT UP, ayi. stop that kaeng-engan right now.

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