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What the HELL.

“Do you believe there’s hell?”
My sister asked this to me. I was about to say, “Wait till I die, I’ll tell you.” (LOL) But she’s serious in asking so I was promted to answer “Yes, I do.” That’s what everybody believes, anyway.

Her reply surprised me though. “There’s really no hell after death. This world we’re living in right now… this is the real hell.”

I was like stunned. I didn’t realize my sister could come up with such a powerful thought.

And as I think about it, I realized that she,s right. This world is the real hell. We suffer, we starve, we lose, we cry, we die in this world. Problems, heartbreaks, diseases, pests, calamities, accidents make our lives feel like in hell. So, yes, I must agree. This world is indeed the “hell”.

“God, our Father, is forgiveful. Do you think He’d be happy to see His children suffering from endless pain in fire?” she added.

That must be the reason why there is death. Perhaps death marks the end of each mortal’s stay in hell. And maybe after death, we’ll all go to heaven and live the lives we all dream of… Always happy and no problems at all.

And yes, God is forgiveful. Like a father to his children. As they say, “Walang magulang na makatitiis sa anak.” No matter how we are sinned, God would always forgive us when we die. I guess, He wouldn’t want us to be unhappy for the rest of our lives. That is how he love us.

This is indeed a life-changing thought for me. Nakakatuwa that from simple conversations, you’ll get what you need in your life. I’ve always been afraid of death and hell. But now, I think I shouldn’t anymore be afraid to die and get out from the real “hell”.


3 thoughts on “What the HELL.

  1. wow.

    Ate heart aka Ate Ayi ay dapat pala si Ate Ayi ang i-ask ko.. amazing pala license teacher ka pala! 😀 my question is have you ever pursue teaching kahit ilang years lang? before you decided to become a full-time romance writer?

  2. bat naman dito ka sa what the hell nag-comment ng ganyan? haha. whadahell?! haha. yes. nagturo din ako before ako nagconcentrate sa kalokohan kong pagsusulat:)

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