First Lame Blog from Email.

So now I’m trying out posting thru email using my cellphone while lying on my queen sized bed (and my hair covering my face like that LOL). Wala eh. Adik lang. Sabi nga, dapat daw tina-try lahat ng bagay. Para pag namatay ka, wala kang pagsisisihan na di mo ginawa at naranasan. Kaya pag namatay ako, ipagmamalaki ko na nag-post ako sa blogger thru email! Yey! I’m still figuring out where else to post other than thru web, thru mobile web, thru email. Wala bang Blogger client app? Parang twitter app. Hahaha!
Okay so, I mentioned my bed. My bed is Queen-sized. Yeah. Di ako sanay sa small bed. Hindi naman sa malikot ako matulog. Promise, di ako malikot matulog. I am literally mabait pag tulog. Sometimes nagigising nga ako na yun pa din position ko bago makatulog. Bait ko no? Anyway, back to my bed. I love my bed so much. So whenever I have to sleep somewhere else away from home, I couldn’t get sleep. Lalo na pag maliit lang ang kama. Hello big ugly eyebags ang drama ko.
Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? It’s a condition where your mind is already awake but you cannot move because your body isnt awake yet. I experience that a lot whenever my sleep is out of schedule. Dati I thought its bangungot coz its creepy. Now I understand its a sleeping disorder pala but its not fatal naman. Sometimes daw kasi when u sleep out of your routine, your mind and body do not wake up at the same time. Owver! May mga ganun pa palang chorva sa pagtulog!
Anyway—–this is an edited part. ——— This is the lamest post ever:D
I want to import posts from my old blog. I will try later.

Any comments?

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