Crazy Month.

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A reader of mine told me this is my month. I wasn’t born in February how come it’s my month? kaya naman pala… Happy Heart [Yngrid] month daw! I felt hesitant. Kasi me sapak daw sa utak mga february pinanganak. If this is my month, ibig sabihin, me topak ako? well, I must admit I have my quote-moments-unqoute.

MOMENTS– [n.] 1. pertaining to the act of sillyness combined with twistedness resulting to arousal of multiple crazy thoughts or in some cases, personalities, therefore forming a mix up in the head. 2. a state of being completely WHACKED OUT in all capital letters. (Taken from Ayi’s Twisted Dictionary)

I admit to have an insane head case sometimes. And I know even if you don’t admit it, YOU ALSO HAVE YOUR MOMENTS TOO. Yes, YOU DO! Everybody have their sayads and topaks. It’s normal having your moments once in a while. It’s just being human. Therefore if you don’t have your crazy hours, that means you’re not human. You’re an alien! So welcome to earth a.k.a HELL.

So, alright. I want to share some of my “moments”. Just please don’t accuse me of being a full-time creephead. I swear I’m just a part-timer.

1. I love talking to myself. Sometimes it could be called “soliloquy” but sometimes I’m afraid it couldn’t. Just don’t ask.

2. I love telling myself I am beautiful. Wait, that isn’t having a “moment”. That is just being pretty honest. Don’t you think so? LOL. *attention, narcissism isn’t a normal behavior. It sometimes needs medical attention.

3. I love talking to my fish, P-Gie. Yes, we talk to our pets. that’s pretty normal. But I and my fish talk about our crushes and telenovelas we love to watch together. Isn’t it fun?

4. I love dancing crazily alone, or sometimes with P-Gie then I’ll laugh my head off telling myself I am a kickass dancer even if I badly needed someone to kick me on the curb to make me stop dancing like a fool.

5. I made my fish a friendster account. Add her

6. I’m blogging this self-defamatory post.

I don’t need a shrink, do I? Happy Crazy Month!

Any comments?

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