Begin Again

Because my writing mojo is currently hibernating and I couldn’t find a way to bring it back, I just tried to watch a movie to kill time. And I decided to watch Begin Again. No, I didn’t watch it because of my ex Adam Levine… Come on, he’s married, we’re done, all right? 😀 I was just curious with this movie. I thought it would be something romantic (spoiler alert: it’s not.) It’s not romantic at all. But the movie is good, you should see it yourself. I specifically liked the part where the two main characters shared a song playlist using a splitter for earphones (or whatever they call that certain wire). And I love the movie’s soundtrack! The songs are very nice! I’m actually listening to its ost right now. Among my favorite cuts are: A Step You Can’t Take Back, Like A Fool, Coming Up Roses and Lost Stars 🙂

Any comments?

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