Bahala Na.

“I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there.”

I use this idiom to describe how I write. I don’t make outlines. I don’t like planning ahead. I will start writing with the premise of the story as my only guide. It might sound careless and disorganized but it works for me. Maybe because I’m not really a visionary and I need to get to the certain parts of the story before ideas would start forming in my head. Maybe because I am too lazy to do some planning. Maybe because I am a naturally disorderly person (my messy work desk is the proof to that) or maybe because I also want to feel like I am reading a novel. I want to surprise myself with how every chapter of the story would unfold in my mind as I write. Sometimes I do not know what the real major conflict of the story would be and I will only find out at some point while writing the first few chapters. I usually do not know how the story would end except that it has to end happily. In short, every time I write, I just let my imagination take me to where it wants to lead me without planning ahead. And miraculously, things will often fall into place. Been doing this for the past 10 years. It still amazes me until now how things can be done this way. I know some writers who also write the way I do. Maybe this is the reason why it usually takes long for me to finish a manuscript. But what the heck, this is how I write.

That idiom above, when you translate it in Filipino, you’ll get the phrase “Bahala na.” So, yes, I am a “Bahala Na” person whenever I write.

Most writers would prepare outlines, drafts and even do story mapping before they start writing. I admire their patience. But I still prefer the way I write no matter how unsystematic it may sound.

So, my point is… nothing. Wala lang. Para may masabi lang. 🙂

One thought on “Bahala Na.

  1. I’m also a “bahala na”-type of writer as well. The only thing that I do sometimes though is to actually make notes about the characters I make while I write (rather than the other way around like most writers do) so that it’d remind me of their real profile as I write along and prevent me from turning these characters into something hypocritical or opposite of how I originally wrote them LOL.

    I’m also currently trying a few methods of writing a complete novel too. For a “mystery” story, I write the ending first, and then just work my way backwards. The newest one I’ve tried so far is writing the “middle” of the story and then figure out the “before” and “after” of that “middle” scene. Parang ganun sa mga movies, etc. Wala pa kong nakumpleto LOL.

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