Aldub is Love.

I rarely watch TV and I believe I am too old to ship love teams. But guess what? I now watch TV every noontime because of this newest quirky, crazy love team in Eat BulagaAlDub, the love team of Alden Richards and Divina Ursula Bukbukova or better known as Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in real life). I always see myself as someone hard to please. Thus, hindi din ako madaling mapatawa sa jokes. It has to be really funny or you will see my awkward face asking myself “Anong nakakatawa?” But this particular segment in Eat Bulaga could really make me laugh my ass off  to the extent na talagang inaabangan ko na siya sa tanghali.

I love the chemistry of AlDub. I love the whole concept of their oddball love story. Their love team is so outrageously unique, a far cry from traditional love team concept. It was so fun to watch how two people fall in love and get cheesy on a split screen. LOL. Imagine, may weeksary na hindi pa man nagkikita. They only talk to each other through dubbing songs and recorded movie dialogues or what they call “dubsmash” and exchange hello through “pabebe wave.” Yaya Dub’s facial expressions are quite amusing. The way she contorts her face is so funny. Alden, on the other hand, is so charismatic. I mean, this guy, where has he been all my life and it’s just now that I find him really cute and charming? Tawang-tawa ako kapag nagpipigil ng kilig si Yaya Dub pag nagpapa-cute si Alden. Gah, I love this couple to the point that I really want them to end up together in real life. haha! Ni hindi pa nga sila nagkikita in person sa tanghali-serye, end up agad in real life, no?

And I want to give props to Lola Nidora for playing an important role in this first ever live tanghali-serye. I never thought Wally Bayola could be that funny. I also ship the LoMmy love team. Kapag kinikilig si Lola, humahagalpak na ako sa katatawa. Also, the remarks and laughter of commentators in the scene and studio (Joey, Vic, Tito, Jose, Paolo, Allan etc.) also add up to the fun.  Elibs din ako to the creative people behind this segment in Eat Bulaga. Good job, guys!

Actually, hindi ko alam na ganoon na pala ka-hit ang AlDub until I posted something about them in my facebook account telling my readers how I was beginning to love this love team. I was aware that it won’t be possible na ako lang ang natutuwa sa love team nila at sa segment na ito ng Eat Bulaga but I was surprised to find out na nagte-trending na pala sila araw-araw and a lot of my readers are addicted to this love team already. And they even asked me to write a novel for AlDub. Bigla akong napaisip. Why not? I want to write them, as well. Immediately, na-inspire ako to think of a fanfiction plot for them and after a few hours, boom! My plot is made.

So, dear readers, abangan ang aking own take sa AlDub love team. Will post the story in my website soon and I guess maipa-publish din soon, So, stay tuned. 🙂

Any comments?

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