Where Is The Heart?

This image shows how men and women indeed differ anatomically. Notice that the heart of the woman is perfectly situated on her chest. While the heart of the man is comfortably located in his pants. Now I know why men are like that. LOL!

Finally! May sagot na ang matagal nang tanong sa isip ko. Hindi ko kasi maintindihan kung bakit pag nagmahal ang babae all-out at totoo. Pero most of the guys, they didn’t even seem to know what love means. They just say it but they don’t mean it–unwittingly or not. Anatomical imbalance… or error? Lord, please explain this mess. LOL!

What is Love? For someone who has written more that seventy novels about love and romance, I still struggle every time I was asked that question. Maybe may gender classification din ang definition ng Love.

My Definition Of Love
From a female point of view (and for someone who was born with a heart on her chest), Love is a strong word. The term shouldn’t be used on the first sight, on the first date or the second ones as well. Love shouldn’t be mistaken with “crush”, “attraction” or most especially “sexual desire”. you need to get to know the person deeply to realize you are in love. ‘Cause when you love, you love everything about that person. Not just the looks, not just the personality, not only the good sides of that person, but the totality. That’s why Love is a process. Love requires time to grow. Most people thought they are in love but, most of the times, they are wrong. They would eventually notice it when it fades away so fast. Love is lasting (at least, if not forever).

Love is acceptance. When you think you are able to accept his/her imperfections and you think you can accept his/her totality as a person. Love is patient, enduring. The idea that you believe you can sacrifice for that person and endure the pain just to shield him/her from pain. A person who is in love doesn’t only show love through the physical way, but also he/she gives moral, spiritual and emotional support and strength. Love is faithful and loyal. If you are already in love with someone, you wouldn’t fall in love again with another one at the same time. Love means exclusivity.

For a romance writer like me who has been in love and hurt a number of times already, I think I have a point here. LOL.

Now, Love on the male point of view…. no comment! Hahaha! Here are my alibis: I am not a man. I haven’t completely mastered the male psyche yet. I don’t know utterly how the heart in their groin works. I don’t want to be called “sexist” if I say anything bad about their definition of love.

But well, I know how they operate. But still, I always end up being a prey to them, like most women. Men just simply own this world. No matter how feminists fight for their ideology. Men have the greater advantage over a lot things in this world (Bitter ako, teh? lol)…That is called reality. Reality that sucks big time.

So, that’s just about it. The term Love is just too misused now-a-days, it sucks!

I hope that one of these days, I’d get to learn that not all men have that somewhat nasty definition of love (that the image above suggests). I hope sooner or later, someone–from the male species–proves me that they do not have their heart in their groin 😀

Any comments?

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