Sing-A-Long With Ayi

Whenever I’m bored, I just simply sing and my mood starts to perk up. That’s how I love my own voice. LOL. I mean, who would love your own voice but you?

I really love singing even if I am not really that good. Tell you what, when I was in grade school, I was a member of a church choir. One time, when our song leader was absent, I was the one who had relieved her for the solo part of the opening song “Papuri Sa Diyos”. The line went like this– “Ikaw na nag-aalis ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan… maawa ka… maawa ka sa amin… blah blah blah…” And that was, I think, my defining moment as a singer. (Feel na feel!) And then after that, our song leader NEVER tried to commit absences again. LOL!

Okay, I’m not that bad for a singer. In fact, I even sang in front of the class when I was in high school (makapal pa talaga fez ko nun!). And they told me I was good. And I believed them because I was uto-uto hihi. Okay, enough of making fun of myself. I really can sing! (Now, I am ready to admit it wholeheartedly :D) I could pull off belting out Sarah Geronimo’s songs and mimic different artists’ voices. I was good. Yes, I believed I was good. WAS.

Because a couple of years ago, when I started to have acid reflux, it wrecked my voice box. So, now I am not just a frustrated singer, but an ultra-mega frustrated one for that matter. I can still sing, but I couldn’t belt out huge songs anymore 🙁 and my voice tone isn’t as good as before. Now, you know why I kept making fun of myself. Because I couldn’t sing anymore like the way I used to then.

But it’s okay. At least once in my life, I had good voice. Now, I use my voice whenever I am bored and I want to perk myself up. So, this night, I was extremely bored and I decided to record my singing using my cellphone and my lappy wherein I played the karaoke version of the song in youtube and there I sang. Hihi… yes, I will stream the result of my boredom here. Just please do not exercise violence, please do not kill me after listening to this. Please be nice, remember you are in my blog. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

Price Tag by Jessie J, my messed-up version…

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I hope your eardrums are still intact. Thank you so much for listening to my music. I hope you get my album, available at the junkshops near you. LOL.

Any comments?

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