My Adventure.

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Have you ever gone mountaneering? Rode a wakeboard? Dove into the ocean with no breathing aparatus? Gone skydiving? Tanungin n’yo ko, isa lang naman ang sagot ko— NO EFFIN WAY! Hinding-hindi ko sila susubukang gawin. I still want to live.

I’m not an adventurous person. That’s not in my vocabulary. I can’t engage myself into extreme sports(you would have to drug me first before you could coax me onto this), or even just ‘sports’ haha… Yeah, that’s how pretty miserable I am. Pag kwentuhan lang ako magaling pero pag real thing na, chicken out na ko. Ayawan na!

Well, adventure isn’t just all about getting involved in extreme activities. Basta ‘yong something na di mo usually ginagawa for fear that you might get hurt or bleed or get embarrased. Or simply because of FEAR. I have a very low threshold to pain and I have too many fears in this beautiful body of mine haha… (matapang lang apog ko pero matatakutin ako). Kaya hindi ako adventurous na tao. Even eating exotic dishes is a no-no for me. I’ve never even tried eating balut in this life.

But I realized, habang ngumunguya ako ng fish crackers, na kelangan ding maging adventurous minsan kahit sa simple things. Di ko naman siguro kelangang tumalon sa helicopter w/ parachute para lang maranasang maging adventurous. Sa dami ng di ko pa nata-try gawin, halos lahat yata sa paligid ko adventure na! hahaha…. Okay, call me spoilsport.

I made a list of things I want to do and I already did just for the sake of being adventurous for a change because I’m tired of my life. este, I’m tired of doing the same things everyday. Now I’m gonna try to be someone slightly adventurous. These will be (are) the very marginal, diminutive adventures of a chicken called “ayi”. Gusto ko silang gawin and I will try my damnedest best to do them. Actually, some of them were already accomplished.

1. Ditch my razor and shaving cream and try home WAXING!  Naka-strikethrough na kaya congratulations to me. Nagawa ko na ang pinakakinatatakutan ng aking legs kahapon lang. Nabingi ako sa sarili ko sa mga tumataginting na “AWWW!” ko while doing this stunt. Grabe. I couldn’t believe until now that I really did this. Ang sakeeeettttt!!!!

2. Learn how to swim. Okay, walang tatawa! I just made myself a laughingstock in this post. Yes, hindi ako marunong lumangoy. Need I say more? Isipin ko pa lang na lalangoy ako, parang nagrarambulan na mga intestines ko. I drowned once while I was getting a swimming lesson, after that I quit learning for good. I could easily learn how to run a acompany and be a CEO than learn how to swim! Pero I realized, I need to learn how to swim. Why, I love the aquatic world! Since P-Gie came to my life, naging feeling hobbyist na ko and I love the aquatic world already. I wanna learn how to scuba-dive so I’ll be able to see the underwater world but first I need to learn how to swim. haha.

3. Seduce a guy. I’d really love to do this stunt. Really. Kaso walang chance. hahahaha… Alcohol stunt! Promise, I won’t die without having this one done.

4. Be a kabit (other woman). Dahil napaka-conservative kong tao, nagawa ko na ito hahaha. Yes. I tried this once just all for fun. No sex involved here, just to shoo away that thing running through your malicious minds haha… This guy had a girlfriend and we got really close (kunwari nasa PBB house kami). Then things got a little out of hand, nagkaroon kami ng formal agreement. take note, PORMAL ang relationship namin. Pormal na kabit niya ako haha… For me it was just all play, I believed he had the same treatment to that relationship  too. Napaka-wholesome ng affair na ito. Kasi we never even kissed. Kaso somewhere along the way, I fell in love with him. Iyon yung lowdown ng adventure na ito. The End. Haha. Don’t make me get another boxes of tissue. Proceed to the next.

5. Watch a movie alone… in a movie theater. Done with this too. Kindergarten adventure indeed. haha. I’ve never tried watching a movie alone. Adventure na ito para sa ‘kin kasi hello? nakakatakot kaya sa sinehan. Baka bigla na lang yung katabi ko holdapin ako or worse.

6. Approach a cute guy and get his number. This is quite a stunt. Don’t you agree? Only sluts could do this. I’m no slut. I’m a cute guys-phobic. haha! Super hindi ko kaya ito. Well, kaya nga adventure. I will only do this kung may kasamang pustahan with my friends. 1000 bucks pwede na hehe. But really, I want to try this even just once. hmmm, mukhang kelangan ko ng Extra Joss or better yet RED HORSE sa isang ito hahaha…

7. Go travel alone. I’m planning to go to Sagada alone. Yes, magne-nature tripping ako mag-isa. Sounds boring noh? I’ve never traveled alone kasi. i always have someone with me because I have an extremely poor sense of direction baka manaka-naka, nasa Babuyan Island na pala ako, di ko pa alam? haha, now that’s adventure eh? Traveling with someone or with a group is always fun but just for the sake of  trying out something new, I will go travel alone. Magbabaon na lang ako ng maraming load para just in case maligaw ako, makakauwi pa rin ako. hehe.

I have a lot of other little adventures in mind but they are unpublishable. haha… (die guessing!) You know sometimes, masarap din maging adventurous. I’m aware that I couldn’t do a lot of things even if I want to. But these little adventures, no matter how trifling they are and petty to other people, adventure ko yan, walang pakialaman!

Any comments?

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