Jacko’s 2nd

jackobebeAugust 5, 2013, I adopted a dog I named Jacko. When I first met him, he bit my finger as if that was how he greet people. Yes, agad-agad. Kinagat niya ako. Playbite lang naman. Right there and then, alam ko na: pasaway ang asong ito.  I didn’t know why I still chose to adopt him despite having the first impression. Maybe he was too cute to refuse and I liked playful dogs more than quiet ones. At di nga ako nagkamali. Si Jacko ang pinakapasaway na asong nakilala ko sa buong buhay ko, so far. And the weirdest as well.

He’s been under my care for a year and 10 months on the 5th and that’s more than enough time to get to know this dog fully. His personality is just bad. LOL. But he is still adorable.

So, meet Jacko and be the judge to his character:

* He pees everywhere. He is quite territorial.

* He doesn’t eat dog food unless may sahog na boiled pork/beef/liver.

* He likes humping his big teddy bear hard (his sex doll).

* He is scared of non-scary things like laundry basket, air cooler, big boxes etc.

* He likes to lick human nostrils and inner ear.

* Cesar wet dog food is his favorite.

* He’s scared to come near other dogs, especially chihuahua which is only half his size. I think he has social phobia, apart from being duwag. Really weird.

* He doesn’t like bitches. So, he’s still a virgin, yeah.

* He is addicted to belly rub.

* He hates eye rinse drops.

* He doesn’t come when you call him (yeah, ganoon siya kapasaway)

* When you try to get him, he’ll run and hide.

* He won’t stay on you lap. He will try to break away and jump off. So, yes, he is definitely NOT a lap dog.

* He hates being combed.

* There were times na para siyang nauulol, like he would run around the room very fast back and forth while growling and barking without any apparent reason why he would behave like that.

So, do you think you can fare having a dog like this?

Well, I can. Because when I met him, I finally get to know what “unconditional love” means.

Happy birthday, Jacko bebe! I love you to the moon and back. 🙂

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