Jacko Mojacko, my new pet dog

Meet Jacko, my 3-month old shih tzu. He was born on June 2, 2013. I adopted him on August 5, 2013. He is an extremely cute yet not the typical docile shih pup. Haha. He’s very pasaway. He has this very strong character, very playful and friendly. I made a list on what I dislike and like about him. And here it goes…
10 things I dislike about Jacko:
1. He eats his poop sometimes.
2. He likes to play with his poop whenever I’m not around.
3. Sometimes he smells like poop 3 days after he takes a bath.
4. He’s too playful he bites a lot (kagat-harot)
5. He’s giving me a hard time combing his hair. He looks murderous whenever I hold his comb.
6. He’s suplado sometimes, refuses to be hugged coz he’s too busy playing with his toys.
7. He thought he’s the alpha. So high and mighty. Sometimes he makes me feel like I’m his yaya, not his master.
8. There are those moments everyday where he seems to transform into some wild creature, running so fast across the room back and forth growling and barking like a mad dog.
9. He’s a brat. He doesn’t listen sometimes.
10. He chewed my slippers and earphone. Ruined some of my stuff.
10 Things I like about Jacko:
1. He’s uber cute and irresistible. Sometimes I just look at him staring at me and I feel instantly happy.
2. He always licks my face and neck. 
3. He makes me feel like a kid again whenever I play with him.
4. He pees and poops in his Potty Trainer, has toilet discipline (well, most of the time)
5. Sometimes when I tell him to sleep on his bed and not on the floor, he does it. (He’s quite obedient in some cases)
6. He frequently puts a smile on my face even if I was in bad mood because of his funny antics.
7. He teaches me how to elongate my patience.
8. I love it whenever he’s in my arms or sleeping on my lap. He’s like a baby.
9. I like his competitive character and happy disposition.
10. I love the fact that I have a companion all the time, always tailing me, making me feel I am needed and I am not alone. 
Even though I have certain dislikes about him, I still love him. and he’s my baby 🙂 

Any comments?

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