I’m Back!

I’m back with a new template I snatched from somewhere else. Hehe. See the credits at the extreme bottom of this page. I’d love to create my own template had I have a lot of time! Anyway, yes, I’m back. I’d been away for so long (dito lang naman sa blogger) but I’m here again and ready to share my nonsense-ness again. This is actually my very first post for this year. Imagine! Ganoon ka-busy… sa kalokohan at katamaran! hehe. Anyway, yes, I’m back. But I’d have to go again. Sakit na ulo ko, eh. I want to sleep, for crying out loud it’s already 5:30 in the morning! I’ll be back tomorrow or later to post something here. Here are some of the things I want to share:

1. My trip to Hong Kong last Sept 2011.
2. My trip to Iloilo-Guimaras last November.
3. My trip to Anawangin, Zambales just last month.
4. My birthday last month at Kawit, Cavite
and a lot lot more….

So, see you later, beauty rest muna ako. By the way, welcome back to myself :))

Any comments?

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