How Do You Find The One?

While I was in a public van going to Cavite, there was this guy sitting in front of the row where I was sitting at. I couldn’t see his face because he wouldn’t move his head. And suddenly, my mind started to wonder. What if he’s “the one” for me but he didn’t look at me? He didn’t see me.
Naisip ko tuloy, maybe everyone was born and destined to have a romantic partner in life. But it is up to each of us if we get to find them or not. Maybe fate must have control but not to the full extent. Our free will must do most of the work.
Then I realized if that is the case, then I’d be forever alone pala. Because I never did anything to search for that person because I chose to wait. I’ve passed up a lot of guys I’ve met, even the ones that I liked because of certain reasons. There goes my free will. Even if fate repeatedly tries to put my “the one” within close proximity, I always end up shunning away from him and losing him in the process.
So, perhaps everyone was born with a future better-half that they would have to find in one lifetime. But not everyone find theirs which leads to them living a solitary life forever. Sad truth.
Well, the truth is, I am not that afraid to be alone. But of course, I’d still want to meet that person who’s destined for me. So, to my “destiny,” wer na u? Dito na me! I hope you do the initiative to find me because I am too lazy to find you. LOL.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Find The One?

  1. Cool, Nice Ms. heart, but do you believe that if you’re meant to be, you’ll end up with him no matter how far you’d run away from your “the one” fate will find it’s way? hope you’ll have yours soon.. 🙂

    1. I used to believe in that. But not anymore. Hindi ko kasi ma-explain kung totoong ganyan ang system, bakit maraming tumatanda na lang at namamatay nang walang kasama sa forever? As I’ve said above, I think we still have the control over our destiny. Mas nasagot nun yung tanong kung bakit may mga taong hindi na nakikita ang meant to be nila. 🙂

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