CoC Fun Run 2015

Yesterday, I and a few members of the family participated in a fun run held in Luneta Park called “Class Of Clan” Fun Run. Note that it’s CLASS, not CLASH. Funny thing is, we didn’t realize it was CLASS not CLASH that was printed in our singlets and engraved in our medals until we finished running. LOL. We realized they only used the CoC theme. Kumbaga, inspired lang. But what the heck, isang letter lang naman ang diperensya! hahaha!

This is the second time I participated in a fun run. I’m not really a fan of fun runs. I only joined for fun, not the run. Haha. But fun runs are great way to bond with family and friends. What I do not like probably is you have to get up very early. We had to wake up at 3am because we had to be there by 5am. And I only had 2 hours of sleep because my body clock is not normal. I don’t sleep and wake up early. But thanks to Cobra energy drink, I was able to avoid dozing off in the middle of the track.

The CoC fun run was organized by Bearwin Meiley. I also saw Kuya Kim running back and forth tirelessly. Jopay (of SexBomb) and Jason (of Manouvers, I think) lead the warm up activities on stage. We didn’t try to get the freebies because we were too lazy to queue in line. We only got our finisher shirts which looked baduy because of the prints pero okay na rin. I enjoyed the fun run. But not sure if I’d like to participate next time. LOL.

Any comments?

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