BERy Near.

So here comes September. The first month of Bers just came slapped me on the face nagging me it’s about time to work my ass off because the money-grubbing season is now approaching. Dammit. So, good-bye lazybone. I have to work work and work so I could survive another financially demanding season.

Maybe I shouldn’t be the only one worrying about what to give my loved-ones. Maybe people who love me should worry about what to give me too. Haha. Aba dapat lang naman. I believe in the saying “It’s better to give than to receive” but I also expect the ones who receive something from me to believe in that saying more than I do. LOL. So to make things easy for you (people who love me and want to give me something this Christmas), I’ve prepared my Christmas wish-list:

Here’s my Christmas Wishlist:

1. New Laptop. This is very expensive, I know. But maybe someone very rich loves me out there. LOL
2. Gypsy Skirt.(size: long, don’t forget)
3. Bath & Body Works Sandalwood Rose shower gel. Minimum of 3 bottles hahaha
4. Shoes! Any kind except platforms & high-heels. I am so loser when it comes to high-heeled shoes.
5. Aromatherapy essential oils. These are my mini stress-minimizer.
6. Blackberry. I don’t want to buy this, I want to get this as a gift. Again, attention to people very rich who love me! LOL
7. Curtains or Bedsheets. I want candy-colored curtains for my room, as well as bed covers:)
8. Earrings, Lariats, Fashion necklaces(the long beady ones). They are LOVE!
9. Bag. I want printed ones… canvass bags, those that you can carry anywhere.
10. Body Mists. Minimum of 10 bottles hahaha
11. Healthy Options’ Chamomile Tea. Minimum of 3 boxes lol
12. Body Shop’s Born Lippy and Tea Tree products.
13. Guitar! I want to learn to play the guitar.

So, as early as today, you know what to give me. So you have ample of time to save money for your Christmas gift for me. LOL. I love you, gift-giving people! I love you sooooo much! hahaha. Merry Christmas!!!

Any comments?

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