Bae in Robinsons Imus

I saw Bae in person! Yihee! Yun nga lang hindi malapit. Mga tatlong dipa ang layo with laksa-laksang people that I and my niece had to squeeze ourselves in to get closer to Alden. But still, I was happy to see him in person. The crowd was insane. Robinsons Imus was filled with people screaming their lungs out for Bae. Grabe na ang fame nitong si Alden. Unbelievable!

Anyway, my 16-year old niece had managed to take some pics. And I must say I am impressed with her ninja skills. Praktisado sa pagiging Kpop fangirl. Mahusay kumuha ng pics. Side view, front view, top view. Kulang na lang back view kung wala lang si Plywood. Yes, Plywood, really, sumama ka pa talaga kay Alden sa Imus ha? LOL.

Alden Richards was so guwapo in person (6 yards away) and I’m sure he is more guwapo sa face to face. He seemed really nice and very approachable. I hope one of these day I get to see him face to face naman. Haha! I really love this kid and I think he truly deserves all the blessings that are pouring on him right now. Sana sila ni Maine will continue to soar high. I love them both to pieces and I hope when they are finally allowed to be together, makita at ma-meet ko sila. I will be the happiest ‘pag nangyari ‘yon. 🙂

Any comments?

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