Aba May Fans Na Pala Ako.

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I’ve always wondered how to be a famous movie star and have a lot of fans. I told myself, I won’t ever get to know it forever. Coz I won’t be a movie star even if I look like *bianca gonzales…

*- kwentuhan lang.

I know I can hardly be a star. Why, I don’t even know how to feign tears or laugh when there’s nothing funny and look silly. Oh hey, I know how to look silly, but hey it’s not acting! sheesh! I really look silly at times, especially whenever I gawk at my new boytoy collection japanese edition (composed by jun matsumoto, toma ikuta, kashiwabara shuji and still searching to fill vacant slots). So that was it. I can’t be a star. I can’t have fans.

But. Suprisingly…

I HAVE FANS NOW. haha. ngayon lang nag-sink in sa akin this fact that I have a number of fans already. I swear. ngayon ko lang na-realize about that fan thing after a year and a half of writing my ass off. I received friendster requests almost everyday, received testimonials and messages from people I don’t even know telling me they are my FANS and they love my works. Akala ko fan as in pamaypay o bentilador lang kaya kong magkaroon. I was wrong.

After scanning my letters from my so-called FANS, I realized one thing. I don’t have to be a movie star just to have fans pala. Just by being a WRITER could make me have them. When I started to write, my aim was not to earn fans. I just wanted MONEY. (halatang mukhang pera no? haha.) And secondarily, I want to put all my kahibangans to paper and make use of my habitual daydreaming as a hapless romantic (yes, u read it right, hapless nga wahahaha.) and earn bucks through those written daydreaming by-product. MONEY ule?

So to my FANS… (OH GAG ME, I’m still so not used to this idea of having that kind of stuff) Thank you so much for reading my novels. Thanks for the messages. They all make me smile. Some make me laugh. Some even give me goosebumps sa sobrang ganda ng message. They inspire me to write more stories. They make me feel proud to be a writer. So thank you, guys…. or shall I say fans? 🙂

Any comments?

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