A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Kumusta naman at July pa lang pero nakikinig na ako ng Christmas songs. Hindi ako excited sa christmas, I just need to set a mood. I need to feel Christmas para sa sinusulat kong holiday-themed novel para sa 12 Gifts of Christmas​ namin ng 11 more authors ng PHR. 1 week kong hininog sa isip ko ang premise ng story. And last night before I sleep I came up with a solid plot. At hayun, nasimulan ko na nga kagabi. The title of this novel would be “A First Kiss Under The Mistletoe.”

So, why do people kiss under the mistletoe? Through research, I discovered that the reason for that tradition was non-romantic at all. Ha-ha! And I don’t know if this tradition is being practiced in the Philippines, but for the sake of this novel, I will bring that tradition here. LOL.

Any comments?

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