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Albay Myself. ‘Don’t Wanna Be Albay Myself Anymore…

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Wala lang ‘yong title. Mema lang. Memakanta lang. Anyway, I just went back from my Albay trip in which I enjoyed a lot. I am too lazy to blog about my travel stories but Imma blog about this one—our adventures, gastronomic encounters and how the majestic Mayon Volcano caught our hearts. Actually, I was supposed to […]


Working on with too many stories. Puro umpisa. This happens when a lot of plot pop up my head simultaneously or while in the middle of writing something. Iiwan muna ang sinusulat dahil mas bet na ang bagong plot na naisip. May matapos kaya ako?


The Teacher’s Diary

This might be my favorite Thai movie of all time! Original story, amazing cinematography, well-written screenplay, cool songs, good actors… what else can I say? Basta, I love this movie! Na-miss ko tuloy magturo kahit feeling ko, I sucked in teaching. hehe! This movie made me feel nostalgic. It made me remember that one reason why I have once […]


My Purpose In Life.

Every each of us has a purpose why we lived. Some of us had already figured out their purpose in life. Some are still wondering why they lived, searching for an answer to the question: What’s my purpose in life? It isn’t something that we figure out easily though. Sometimes we are actually living out our purpose […]


Mt. Pinatubo On My Birthday

Yesterday, I finally got to see the majestic sight of Mt. Pinatubo crater. A beautiful disaster indeed. And I want to share my adventure/experience in this wonderful place. For fear of being incoherent, here are my random thoughts na lang about my trek to Mt. Pinatubo. **We booked a private tour service 1 week ahead. […]


I want to fall in love again.

I miss the feeling.

I miss the kind of happiness that it brings.

I also miss the heartache that it gives.



Now Playing While Writing

The lyrics do not fit the story of the novel that I’m writing right now. But the upbeat melody fits perfectly so I’m playing this on loop while working on my new teen fiction. 🙂


Rise and shine! Slept early and woke up early today. First time in the history. lol. Readying to start working with a cup of coffee and some upbeat music.


Dear 2016,

So, I finally find the time and the kasipagan to go to the bookstore and buy myself a 2016 planner. And I bought the cheapest! lol. I don’t need a big and thick planner, anyway. A pocket planner will do. It’s not as if my life is filled with exciting activities and plans. So, what’s in store […]


Somebody: Wala ba talagang forever (sa love)?

Me: Meron. It just doesn’t happen to everyone.



Current Status: Doing some makeover in my blog with the help of my online buddy, Adrianne. 🙂


My Dream Guy…

I remember me and my sis used to talk about what kind of man I should end up with. She said I should end up with a doctor (due to my frequent visit in the hospital then). A couple of years ago, I had stress issues and it took toll on my health so I was […]



My bro’s b-day. So, we decided to take a road trip from Imus, Cavite to Alfonso to Tagaytay to Batulao, Batangas. We stopped by the Twin Lakes with the nicest view of the hills from above, sipped on some Starbucks frapp, bought some Amira’s and went to Calaruega. This retreat nature park has a lovely chapel […]


How Do You Find The One?

While I was in a public van going to Cavite, there was this guy sitting in front of the row where I was sitting at. I couldn’t see his face because he wouldn’t move his head. And suddenly, my mind started to wonder. What if he’s “the one” for me but he didn’t look at […]


The Diary Of My Broken Heart

Last night, I opened my old vault. The box that contains some of the memories of my past. I never tried to open it for the past ten years or so. Wala akong time to reminisce. Lalo na ang magkalkal at suminghot ng old scent since my nose is quite sensitive. Since my memory sucks, I […]



Hugot pa more. #DiaryOfABrokenHeart


Happy 23rd anniversary in heaven to my dear father. 23 years… that is how long I’ve been living without a father. That is how long we’ve been missing him.

I miss you so much, ‘Pa. But I want you to know that I don’t hate this day anymore because after several years I realized that this day 23 years ago was the start of your eternal happiness in heaven. 🙂


Bahala Na.

“I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there.” I use this idiom to describe how I write. I don’t make outlines. I don’t like planning ahead. I will start writing with the premise of the story as my only guide. It might sound careless and disorganized but it works for me. Maybe because I’m […]


Times like this when you decided to re-read what you’ve been working on for weeks and realized afterwards that you just want to chuck everything out and start from scratch. Fvck. #writerproblems

writer's brain

How A Writer’s Brain Works…

Girl: Tinext ko siya kagabi. Umamin na ako ng feelings sa kanya… pero hindi siya nag-reply. Dinedma niya lang ‘yong confession ko. (teary-eyed) Non-writer Friend 1: Baka tulog na kaya hindi nag-reply. Sana kasi tanghali mo tinext. Hindi gabi. Non-writer Friend 2: O kaya baka wala lang pang-reply. Sana pinasahan mo ng load. Non-writer Friend […]